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About XYZ Scientific Applications, Inc.

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XYZ Scientific Applications, Inc. is a technology driven company dedicated to the development of high quality meshing tools used for finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics simulations.

XYZ was founded in 1991 and began development of its only product, the hex solid, quad shell, and beam mesh generator, TrueGrid®. XYZ has made it their business to understand mesh generation. This is why XYZ not only continually develops and improves their mesh generator software but also uses this software to build meshes for scientists and engineers. The TrueGrid® software and related programs developed by XYZ Scientific are 100% made in the USA by staff members of XYZ Scientific Applications. XYZ Scientific is a small business and USA veteran owed.

Customers throughout the world in diverse industries have worked with XYZ to design their meshes or have used TrueGrid® to solve problems that could not be solved otherwise. Some of the most notable uses of TrueGrid® include the modeling of:

  • A 747 airplane in the greatest detail to aid in the analysis of the 9-11 disaster
  • Containment buildings of nuclear power plants to guarantee they are safe and terrorist proof
  • Aircrafts to analyze the manufacturing process, the structural integrity, and to predict stresses along the wings
  • Dams to aid in redesigning upgrades through the Bureau of Reclamations and Army Corp of Engineers
  • Dyes used to make coins at the U.S. Mint
  • Golf clubs to analyze and test designs
  • Different parts of the body such as the foot, heart, brain and skeleton to aid in designing ejection seats for jets
  • The subway system in London
  • The subway system in Dallas Ft. Worth, TX
  • Devices used for manufacturing diamonds
  • Landing gear for aircrafts
  • Printing presses
  • Space suits
  • Ram jets
  • Cruise missiles
  • Crash dummies
  • Components of spacecrafts, including exploding bolts
  • Navel ships and submarines
  • Engine parts, including full engine assemblies and pistons
  • Turbines
  • Nuclear waste facilities
  • Drilling devices for oil rigs
  • Entire oil rig platforms
  • Stints and other surgical devices
  • Silos
  • Road structurs and bridges